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Find a Physician-Friendly Financial Advisor

financialadvisorsfordoctorsDid you know that physicians who work with financial services professionals get better financial outcomes?

Who is your financial corner promoting your financial health?

If you want to experience the financial freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it,  you want to work with a trusted financial expert.

Think of your financial advisor as your primary financial care doctor, promoting your financial health.

Here you will find a directory of physician-friendly financial services professionals.  They are all graduates of the Academy of Physician Engagement.  They understand the unique professional and financial challenges that physicians like yourself face.  And they are the best in their field.

Each will offer you a different path to your financial goals.  They have different ways of getting compensated.  What they all share is the absolute commitment to placing your best financial interests above their own.

I am not a financial advisor, and would not recommend a specific financial plan any more than you would offer medical advice to a stranger you met at a party. Each financial expert has a unique perspective, style and strategic approach to help you achieve true financial freedom.

You get the best results when you choose the advisor and plan that works best fit for you.

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