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Create a Thriving Practice

Join the Thriving Doctors Bootcamp and discover how you can:
*Attract More Patient Referrals
*Generate More Revenue and
  *Enjoy Greater Career Satisfaction

Hi.  I’m Vicki Rackner MD.  I help doctors enjoy the personal, professional and financial rewards that attracted them to a career in medicine.

I know from personal experience running my own surgical practice and then launching a consulting practice that taking good care of patients and running a successful practice draw on two separate sets of skills.

You have invested tremendous resources learning how to take care of patients.  If no one knows about the great work you do, you run the risk of being the best kept secret in your community.

Join this live interactive web-based course and learn how to build a practice that fuels you, serve in a bigger way and make a bigger impact.

You will learn a process best described as a “business H&P”.   The Bootcamp offers a step-by-step blueprint to help you accelerate practice growth.  You can use the blueprint whether you run your own practice, you want to carve out a niche at the hospital at which you work or you want to launch a non-clinical initiative.

You’ll acquire critical skills that take most physicians well outside of their comfort zones, like marketing, selling, revenue generation and wealth-building.  At a time in which patients are directing their own referrals and driving healthcare purchasing choices,  you’ll discover how to deliver high-value patient-centered care.

I think of wealth as the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  This course is intended to help you build true wealth.  



Wealth is the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it. We’re here to help you build true wealth.

-Vicki Rackner MD



Our next Bootcamp is July 15th to August 19th, 2015


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Quick Glance Schedule


You join a live, interactive webinar session on Wednesdays from 5:00 PM until 6:30 PM Eastern Time.   All sessions are recorded, and participants have access to the replays.

Module 1: Become a Class of One  Uncover and communicate your unique value.

Module 2: Design Your Ideal Practice Create a profile of your ideal patients and the way in which you spend your ideal day.

Module 3: Delight Your Patients Learn what patients really value and then deliver a patient-centered experience. 

Module 4: Market without Being “Sales-y” Learn how avoid being the best-kept secret in a professional, ethical way.

Module 5: Build and Lead Teams Graciously offer leadership to staff, patients and sources of referrals.

Module 6: Create True Wealth Nine ways to generate more revenue and make your money work for you.

What Results Do You Seek?

Here are some outcomes that motivate physicians, dentists and other health care professionals to enroll in the Bootcamp:

  • Identify your sweet spot where passion, purpose and profits meet.
  • Attract more patient referrals.
  • Generate more revenue.
  • Increase your practice’s profitability.
  • Rapidly build patient volumes for a new provider, new location or new equipment.
  • Position yourself as a thought leader.
  • Proactively craft and manage your online presence.
  • Augment your income with revenue outside of direct patient care.
  • Ethically focus on profitable cases.
  • Build strategic relationships with people who can support your practice growth?Market without being “sales-y”.
  • Build and lead effective teams.
  • Protect yourself from fraud.
  • Work smarter and not harder.
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs about wealth.We help our doctor clients enjoy the personal, professional and financial rewards that attracted them to a career in medicine.


Who is the instructor?


Vicki Rackner MD

Vicki Rackner MD draws on personal experiences– as a patient, a physician, a family caregiver, a business owner and an entrepreneur– to help her clients improve their clinical and business outcomes.

This former surgeon has treated tens of thousands of patients, and served as a faculty at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She is a nationally noted authority in the doctor-patient relationship who helps teams collaborate more effectively and get better results.

Dr. Rackner is regularly quoted in the national media including CNN, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, Readerʼs Digest, Bottom Line Health, Womanʼs Day, Real Simple and many others. This Chicken Soup author’s latest book The New Medical Mindset: How Physicians Can Think Differently, Reinvent Themselves and Thrive in the Pos-Google Era will be released in the fall 2015.


Senior CNN health correspondent Elizabeth Cohen says, “Don’t miss Dr. Vicki Rackner!”


What do people say about us?


”Dr. Vicki Rackner has unique insights. Her advice is insightful, practical and always exactly on target.”  Alan Weiss, Summit Consulting Group
“Dr. Vicki Rackner gets it.”  Nancy Lewin, Director, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company
“Dr. Vicki Rackner is a person of integrity who walks her talk and offers solutions.”  Howard Putman, CEO Southwest Airlines 
“Dr. Vicki Rackner offers a roadmap for success and the magic elixir of hope.”  Ed Hallowell, MD, Child psychiatrist and best-selling author
“Dr. Vicki Rackner presents in a very pragmatic and understandable way useful tools to promote a healthy doctor-patient relationship.”  Louis Rubino, Ph.D., FACHE, Professor / Program Director, California State University
“Dr. Rackner delivered an inspiring, personal and funny keynote.  It was a pleasure working with her.”  Lynne Korte, State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services 
“Dr. Vicki Rackner helped me find my current level of success.”  Tony Kendzior CLU, ChFC
“Dr. Vicki Rackner is a ten-strike find! She’s helped my business tremendously.”  Dr. Sally Mounts, President, Auctus Group
”Dr. Vicki Rackner is creative, resourceful, knowledgeable, and experienced. Her insight is invaluable.”  Liliana Pacelli  
“Dr. Vicki Rackner is the best story-teller I know.”  Susan Harrow CEO of PR Secrets


What is the Bootcamp tuition?

Think about what it would mean if you were able to create a practice that truly worked for you.

Consider the financial value of attracting just a few more patients each month or avoiding the mistakes that cause practices to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

In the surgeon’s lounge we used to joke that ‘the whole world is pre-op.’  In today’s global medical market this is literally the truth.  You can potentially serve patients or clients from your neighborhood or your neighboring country.

I’ve distilled down the best practices that will allow you to adopt a new mindset, reinvent yourself, and thrive in the era of ObamaCare. I know that these proven processes that have helped other will help you, too.

The course is priced at $1200.


Here is a special bonus:


For a limited time, I’m throwing in the “get known training”.  I will show you exactly what I did to get quoted in national publications, get interviewed on hundreds of radio shows and build a loyal community with thousands of followers.



Dr. Vicki Rackner shares the skills and tools that helped her generate revenue through these activities:

  • Expert in medical litigation
  • Health and wellness expert for a chain of family-owned drug stores
  • Contributing expert for a J&J health initiative
  • Spokesperson for a national assisted living organization
  • Medical Editor for a publication with a monthly distribution of 3 million
  • Author, journalists’ resource and guest on over 100 radio shows, including NPR
  • Keynote speaker at local, regional and national meetings
  • Founder of a non-profit
  • Consultant helping organizations build business relationships with doctors

Expert positioning and thought leadership can help you promote your clinical activities or make a transition to a non-clinical career.


Isn’t it time you got back to the dream that attracted you to a career in medicine?

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 Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You are protected by a no-questions-asked 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  You enroll at absolutely no risk to you.

Isn’t it time you got back to the dream that attracted you to a career in medicine?


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Our next Bootcamp is July 15th to August 19th, 2015

Space is limited.  Reserve your spot early.

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