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Create a Thriving Practice

Join the Thriving Doctors Bootcamp and discover how you can: *Attract More Patient Referrals *Generate More Revenue and   *Enjoy Greater Career Satisfaction   Hi.  I’m Vicki Rackner MD.  I help doctors enjoy the personal, professional and financial rewards that attracted them to a career in medicine. I know from personal experience running my own …

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Get a Complimentary Practice Audit

Did you know that most medical practices are leaking money?   Sign up for a complimentary audit to identify ways to put money back in your pocket.  The best way to make more money is to stop losing money. Sign up for a complimentary audit Complete the form below  Email * First Name Email Consent * I give …

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Build Your Practice

Whether you’re an employee or you run your own show, you are, in fact, managing a medical practice. We’re here to help you build a practice that allows you to tap into your gifts, strengths and passions. 7 Tips to Help You Generate More Patient Referrals How do you maintain a steady stream of new …

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Generate More Revenue

7 Revenue Streams to Help Physicians Thrive in the Era of Obamacare What if you could get paid to do what you love to do?   Are you tired of feeling like you’re running on a giant insurance hamster wheel trying to keep from getting further behind? You can step off! There are many ways …

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Retire Successfully

How do you truly thrive in your retirement years? Let’s define your working years as a time in which you build wealth; you work for your money. Retirement is the time in which your money works for you.  You enjoy the financial freedom to spend your time any way you wish. While a life on …

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Find a Physician-Friendly Financial Advisor

Did you know that physicians who work with financial services professionals get better financial outcomes? Who is your financial corner promoting your financial health? If you want to experience the financial freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it,  you want to work with a trusted financial expert. Think …

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