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The Importance of a Warm Welcome

by Dr. Vicki Rackner

Today I had the honor of taping a public service announcement  for Bartell Drugs.  I went to the studio that houses the station I listen to in my car so often– Seattle’s Warm 106.9.  As I entered the front door, I went to sign in with the receptionist. Right over her shoulder was a welcome sign.  Literally.

The receptionist even offered to take a photo

Warmth is part of the Warm 106.9 branding; still, I was struck with how this friendly welcome positively shaped my experience at the station.

How well do you welcome your customers, clients and visitors as they call you, walk through the front door of your business or visit your web site?  Walk in as if you were a customer and see how it feels.

Thanks, Warm 106.9 for the important reminder that a warm welcome is good buisness!



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