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The Connection Prescription

by Dr. Vicki Rackner

What if you heard about a medical intervention that could make you smarter, retard memory loss and brighten your mood?  It sounds too good to be true, but growing numbers of clinical studies show that friendship keeps you young.

I call it the “connection prescription” and as a physician I recommend regular doses for people of all ages.  Here are some dosing ideas:

  • Gather with a group of friends for regular meals.  Alvin proudly announces he’s a member of the ROMEO club– Retired Old Men Eating Out.  Get together with your friends for weekly or monthly meals.
  • Get re-acquainted with your neighbors. Offer to take in their mail when they’re away.  Invite them for a walk.
  • Indulge a passion. Whether it’s gardening, model trains or playing bridge, there are others who like doing it, too.  Find a group and attend meetings.
  • Explore new interests. Check out the calendar at your local library and attend a free event about a topic you know nothing about.
  • Volunteer. No gift is as sweet as the gift of giving.  Even if you can’t get out of the house easily, you can pick up the phone and let a person in need know that you are thinking about them.
  • Make someone laugh once a day.
  • Find a support group to help you with a difficult life situation.

Get together with friends and family even if you don’t feel like it. Isolation and depression are like the chicken and the egg. You can “fake it till you make it.”  If your mood does not improve, it may be time to go in for a formal medical evaluation.

For healthy golden years, take your medication as prescribed, and don’t forget your connection prescription!  You’ll be rewarded with a healthier brain, a more open heart and a life of meaning.

Stay Connected!

Dr. Vicki

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