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Say No to the Wrong Patients –and Say Yes to the Right Ones

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 7.06.47 PMWould you like to set the stage for a more profitable 2015?

Work with patients with whom you are a good fit.

Develop a profile of your ideal patient.  Help yourself further by gaining clarity about the patient you will not accept into your practice.

When you meet with a patient, say, “I want you to work with the doctor who’s right for you. Let’s meet and test the water.“

Here are some red flags that alert you to patients to avoid.

You observe:

  1. This person lives in a black-and-white world populated by heroes and villains.
  2. This person describes grandiose plans, and may refer to himself in the third person.
  3. This person usually tells a sad story about how someone “done them wrong.”
  4. This person tells you how wonderful you are and showers you with compliments.
  5. You discover the current villain used to be the recipient of the compliments.
  6. This person is in conflict with someone close.

Your response to this person also offers valuable information.  Beware of prospects with these qualities:

  1. You leave a meeting with this person feeling drained.
  2. You observe the prospect treating someone disrespectfully.
  3. You have the sense of walking on eggshells.

Listen to your intuition.  If you sense something is not right, pay attention.  You assume risk with each new patient you take on.

If you decide to say no to a patient, communicate clearly with client-centered language free of judgment.  “Thank you for meeting with me.  I genuinely want the best for you, and my gut tells me you would be a better fit with a different doctor.  You can go to this web site to find the names of other doctors to interview.”

Saying no to the wrong patient helps you say yes to the right one.

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