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Physician Compensation Report

work-station-straight-on-viewA 2015 Medscape Compensation Report sheds light on physicians’ earning potential.  Here are some key findings from a survey of 20,000 physicians in 26 specialties:

  • Orthopedists ($421,000) and cardiologists ($376,000) are still the top earners among physicians.
  • Physicians in private practice earn significantly more ($329,000 for specialists) than do employed physicians ($258,000 for specialists), despite the trend toward employment.
  • Male physicians earn more ($284,000) than their female counterparts ($215,000).
  • North Dakota and Alaska ($330,000) are the top-paying states for physicians, while Rhode Island ($217,000) and Maryland ($237,000) are the lowest-paying.
  • 9% of physicians have concierge or cash-only practices, the same percentage as last year, while ACO participation continues to grow.

However, it’s not what you make that’s important; it’s what you keep.  Click here to read a blog post about the Myth of the Rich Doctor that addresses the disconnect between income and wealth. 

What are your thoughts about physicians’ potential to enjoy financial independence? 

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