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How to Get More Patients e-Workbook

How to Get More Patients e-Workbook

The purpose of this e-workbook is to help you develop a steady stream of new patients.   It will:

•Help you understand more about the referral process

•Help you expand the way you measure your value

•Help you enhance your power of persuasion

•Help you develop a practice-building campaign that works for you

Hereʼs what people who run successful practices today know:

Your skill at caring for your patients determines your clinical outcomes; your skill at caring for people who send you patients determines your business outcomes.

Youʼll learn how to conduct yourself in a way that persuades more SENDERS (people who send patients your way) to make more referrals.

The unique intellectual property in this workbook, including the psychology of the referral, a list of referral sources and smart campaign building strategies lays out a practical strategic approach to practice-building.  The first new patient covers the workbook cost.

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