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Web Content

We can provide high-value content for your to deliver to: 

  • Patients
  • Family caregivers
  • Referring physicians
  • Colleagues

3 Reasons to Have Expert Content on Your Site

  1. You position yourself as the expert.
  2. You offer more value.
  3. You generate more referrals.

3 Reasons to Use Our Expert Content

  1. It’s easy to implement.
  2. It’s created by a national physician expert.
  3. It’s effective at differentiating you from the competition.

Topic areas:

  • Caregiver support
  • Health promotion
  • Chronic pain management

Sample videos:



You get:

  • Our videos, blog posts, podcasts and Twitter tips on your web site and Facebook fan page.
  • A sign-up box for automated delivery of tips and videos.
  • An ongoing stream of new content.

That means:

  • You keep your web site engaging.
  • You have a mechanism to capture names and build a mailing list.
  • You stand out from your competition.

3 Reasons to Reach Out to Caregivers

  1. They find you.  Caregivers identify resources.
  2. They hire you. Caregivers make purchasing choices.
  3. They appreciate you. Caregivers need help.

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