dosing medication

Step 7

7. Know where you’re heading.

enjoy playing chinese checkers.  I especially like setting the board up so I can make lots of jumps in one move.  Sometimes I get so excited about the jumps I for get where I’m going.

As you support a loved one in pain, it’s important to be clear about where you’re headed.

As you care for loved one, in any given moment, where are you headed?  Are you fixing what’s wrong, or are you expanding what’s right?  This two focuses can take you in very different directions.  My ability to treat complex medical conditions in the breast did not help me breastfeed.

Let’s say your loved one has elbow pain that keeps them from playing Chinese checkers.  The doctor may order tests or prescribe medication to alleviate the pain.  The medical goal is to fight the disease that leads to the pain.  When you wage war on disease, the focus is usually on fixing what’s wrong.  It’s moving away from what you don’t want.  You don’t want elbo pain.

You can keep your eye on the personal goal behind the medical goal.  If Chinese checkers brings your loved one joy, what can you do to make it easier?  Lower the table?  Have a child make the moved under the direction of your loved one?

When you wage peace with life, the focus is usually on how you move closer to what you want.  How can we help enjoy Chinese checkers.

In any given moment, be clear about whether you’re waging death with disease or waging peace with life.

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