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Step 3

3. Shield them from your pain 

The publisher send me a few advance copies of my book hot off the press.  With excitement, I handed a copy to my son.

He quickly flipped through the pages asking,  “Where am I in the book?”

I believe that we all ask, “Where am I in the book?”  It’s human nature

When a loved one is in pain, they have a story of their life with pain.

You feel their pain.  The brain’s “mirror neurons” allow you to feel what they feel.

You have your own story about how your loved one’s pain means for the trajectory of your story.

Dave and Christy were driving home from a sobering visit in which the oncologist shared the grim prognosis.  For the first in her long illness, Christy broke down in tears.

David was in the front seat wondering, “What will I do without her?”

Christy’s illness impacts both Dave and Christy, in different ways.  The priority goes to the needs of the person with the illness.

Dave will be a better position to care for Christy with an open heart if he tends to his pain.  Later. With someone other than her.

Shield your loved one from your pain.

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