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The 7 Steps

Here are the 7 steps of The Connection Prescription.

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Step 1

1. Set the emotional thermostat. The voice over the hospital intercom said, “Code blue.  830 East.” I was a wet-behind-the-ears medical student new to the hospital wards.  My own heart pounded as I raced up the stairs. By the time I arrived at the cardiac arrest,  the room was a sea of white coats. I …

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Step 2

2. Let them take center stage. Taylor Swift was on the stage accepting a Video Music Award when her speech was interrupted by Kanye West—who took center stage and voiced his opinion that the award should have gone to Beyonce.  Taylor just quietly slipped off stage.  The moment became about Kanye. Later in the show, Beyonce …

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Step 3

3. Shield them from your pain  The publisher send me a few advance copies of my book hot off the press.  With excitement, I handed a copy to my son. He quickly flipped through the pages asking,  “Where am I in the book?” I believe that we all ask, “Where am I in the book?”  …

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Step 4

4.  Access your wisdom Aaron is a smart guy who can tolerate a lot of pain.  That’s why his wife was so perplexed when he flat out refused to get a tetanus shot after stepping on a rusty nail. She got some insight years later when her mother-in-law told the story  about the day a …

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Step 5

5. Master the fine art of verbal persuasion. Shirley, a 77-year-old breast cancer survivor, trained for 9 months to run her first marathon.  Throughout her big question was, “Will I make it to the end?” On the day of the race, Shirley was elated to literally see the finish line.  That’s when a couple trying …

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Step 6

6. Play it safe. A relative asked me to remove her gallbladder. My mentor had taught me, “A good surgeon knows when to operate; a great surgeon knows when not to operate.”    Doctors do not treat their family members because their love can impair good judgment. Wise people know their limits.  Wise caregivers let …

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Step 7

7. Know where you’re heading. enjoy playing chinese checkers.  I especially like setting the board up so I can make lots of jumps in one move.  Sometimes I get so excited about the jumps I for get where I’m going. As you support a loved one in pain, it’s important to be clear about where …

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