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Pain Stompers

Pain Stompers is a system that allows people with no formal medical training to make a positice difference to loved ones in pain.

Anyone can learn the 7 steps of the Connection Prescription.

Imagine how much better your patients would do if family members had the skills and resources to meet the emotional needs of your patients?

Helping caregivers respond to loved ones in pain is a high-value service.  You can:

  • Offer this content on your web site.
  • Delliver a Connection Prescription public lecture
  • Train your staff to coach family caregivers.
Click here to learn about the seven steps.


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What It’s About

Do you remember a time in your childhood when you were hurt?  Your mother gave you a hug, put on a band-aid and said, “All better!”  And it really was. Your mother had a magical ability to decrease the intensity of your pain with her simple presence. I call this Mommy Magic. And it’s not …

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Connect RX 7 steps

The 7 Steps

Here are the 7 steps of The Connection Prescription. Click here for Step 1.

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Here are ways you and your organization can learn the Connection Prescription system. Invite the Connection Prescription creator, Dr. Vicki Rackner , to deliver a keynote. Offer a library program for your community. Conduct a workshop. Host a webinar or teleseminar. Sign up for the Tip of the Day. For self-learners, try the Connection Prescription …

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