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Entrepreneur Coaching

Do you have a serious commitment to generating revenue through entrepreneurial activities?

This Mentor Program is an elite service for successful physicians who want to generate additional revenue streams.  We will help you start from where you are–even from scratch– and quickly discover how you can translate your expertise to income outside of the traditional fee-for-service insurance model.

How it works:

  • We begin with a phone call to see if we are a good fit.  If so, we identify the mentor program that’s right for you.
  • After you register, we dig in.
  • We begin with an assessment of  your foundation of success–what already works for you.
  • We identify the results that you get, and develop ways of delivering your value to different groups.  We then create the strategies and tactics of a customized marketing campaign.

You are welcome to contact me as often as you would like to discuss either big-picture strategy questions (How do I identify potential markets?) or specific tactics ( A journalist asked this question.  What do I say?)

Want to learn more?  Call me at (425) 451-3777 or drop us an email at

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