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Here are Medical Bridges service and solutions to help you achieve the personal, professional and financial goals that attracted you to a career in medicine.

The Thriving Doctors Bootcamp

Learn the 6-step process to build the business foundation for accelerated growth.  This is like the “professional H&P“ guiding next steps. This course is available as a home-study kit, a live web-based course or a 2.5-day live training.


You call on our expertise to help you define and achieve your professional goals.  Get both strategic support and help with tactical implementation.


We help you grow and reach your potential much like an athletic coach does.  You choose from 3 levels of service and accountability. 

Done-for-You Marketing

You call on our team of experts to help you implement specific marketing campaigns. like video creation and distribution, social media campaigns and PR efforts.


You put our expertise to work for you to define and achieve your desired outcomes. We help you promote your organization’s health.

Speaking Services

Bring an uplifting, empowering message to your next meeting. Dr. Rackner delivers keynote addresses to national audiences.

Contact us  at (425) 451-3777  to explore how we can help you accelerate your practice growth.

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Thriving Doctors Bootcamp

Join the Thriving Doctors Bootcamp and Discover How You Can: *Attract More Patient Referrals *Generate More Revenue and *Enjoy Greater Career Satisfaction Our next sessions begin the week of September 28th, 2016 Click here to learn more about the Thriving Doctors Bootcamp.

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Our goal is simple.  We want to help you run a healthy medical practice. Would you like help achieving your clinical and practice growth goals?  We will help you articulate your desired outcomes, develop a strategic plan and assist with tactical implementation to help you get there. Contact us at (425) 451-3777  to explore how …

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Done-for-You Programs

We’re here to help you achieve better clinical results and enjoy better business outcomes. Too busy to launch your own marketing campaign?  We can do it for you! We offer: Content for your web site, newsletter and social media. Turn-key events like webinars, teleseminars and live training. Speaking services. Call us at (425) 451-3777 and …

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Entrepreneur Coaching

Do you have a serious commitment to generating revenue through entrepreneurial activities? This Mentor Program is an elite service for successful physicians who want to generate additional revenue streams.  We will help you start from where you are–even from scratch– and quickly discover how you can translate your expertise to income outside of the traditional …

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Pain Stompers

Pain Stompers is a system that allows people with no formal medical training to make a positice difference to loved ones in pain. Anyone can learn the 7 steps of the Connection Prescription. Imagine how much better your patients would do if family members had the skills and resources to meet the emotional needs of …

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Web/ Social Media Content

We can provide high-value content for you to deliver to:  Patients Family caregivers Referring physicians Colleagues 3 Reasons to have expert content on your site: You position yourself as the expert. You offer more value. You generate more referrals. 3 Reasons to use our expert content: It’s easy to implement. It’s created by a national …

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