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Celebrate the American Dream

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It was a Fourth of July celebration I will never forget.

I was honored to be invited to a friend’s naturalization ceremony. He came to the US as an adult to live the American dream. I witnessed the long hours he invested learning what he needed to know to become an engaged American citizen.

On a warm July Fourth, I joined thousands of people who cheered as their loved ones and friends said the Pledge of Allegiance as US citizens for the first time.

Gary Locke congratulated the new Americans and told his story.  A hundred years earlier, his grandfather left China on a steamboat to work as a houseboy for an American family in Washington State.  His grandfather washed dishes, gardened and swept floors in exchange for English lessons.

And a hundred years later, this man’s grandson was sworn in as the Governor of the State of Washington. Governor Locke’s then home–the Governor’s mansion– is less than one mile from the house where his grandfather worked. He noted that it took his family one hundred years to travel one hundred yards.

That July 4th I celebrated the American Dream.  I understood viscerally that we are blessed to live in this land of opportunity.

Governor Locke went on to become the United States Secretary of Commerce to China, sworn in by President Obama.

A dream attracted you to a career in medicine.  I believe that dream is still alive and well.

Let’s celebrate the American Dream this Fourth of July!

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