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Do Sweat the Heat. Dehydration is Big Stuff

Here’s something to remember on lazy summer days. Drink up!

Your body’s fluid reserves work just like your checking account. You stay in balance by putting in the same amount you take out. When it’s hot or it’s humid or you’re exercising, your body cools itself by sweating. Sweating results in a withdrawal from your body’s water reserves so you need to drink more to stay in water balance and avoid dehydration.

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The Boomer Brain: A Magnificent Mind


Brains, like fine wines, get better with age. Here are three qualities of maturing minds:

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The Connection Prescription

What if you heard about a medical intervention that could make you smarter, retard memory loss and brighten your mood? It sounds too good to be true, but growing numbers of clinical studies show that friendship keeps you young. I call it the “connection prescription” and as a physician I recommend regular doses

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Find The Courage To Receive

The willingness to receive a gift can be like putting in a gallon of gas in the car and going another 100 miles. All you have to do is be willing to say yes to the gifts that come your way.

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What To Say To a Person Who’s Dying

Most people are ill prepared for conversations that follow a dire diagnosis. The fear of saying the wrong thing pulls against the desire to reach out and help. Many people make what they believe is the safe choice, and keep their distance; in reality, isolation makes things worse. Here are some safe ways to reach out to a person with a progressive illness, when words really count.

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Pain Stompers Teleseminar Replay

Want some ideas about how to respond to a loved one in pain? Click here for the Pain Stompers teleseminar replay.

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A Holiday Gift for Yourself: Freedom from Regrets

Regrets hurt. I offer a hopeful message: you can heal the pain of regrets.

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Conversation Starters for the Holidays

Want to deepen your connection with family and friends? Here are three thought-provoking questions certain to start a lively conversation.

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Disney Recognizes a Teen’s Kindness


What do you do when you witness someone in pain? A 76-year old woman, a 16-year old high school student and Mickey Mouse offer a shining example.

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Why Is Pain Worse At Night?

Have you ever wondered why pain seems more intense at three in the morning than three in the afternoon?

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