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How Doctors Can Thrive

  Here is a video with: 3 trends shaping healthcare delivery 5 questions to ask yourself to position yourself for success in this rapidly changing world 7 sources of revenue. This is a time of reinvention.  You can still achieve the personal, professional and financial rewards that attracted you to a career in medicine.  

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7 Tips to Help Physicians Get More Patients


How do you maintain a steady stream of new patients who can benefit from your services? This is particularly important if you are: Beginning a practice Developing a focus in your current practice Seeing shifting referral patterns as your current sources of referrals retire or sell their practices. Here are 7 tips to help you …

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3 Strategies to Help Physicians Maintain Their Revenue

by Vicki Rackner MD Physicians’ concerns about the impending erosion of their revenue potential loom large. Falling fees, rising administrative costs and higher taxes all contribute to a worrisome financial future. You are not doomed to be a victim of Obamacare.  You have many options that will allow you to create a practice that works …

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