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Case Studies and Results

Here are some client results:

Attract More Patients

A radiologist and thought leader in breast imaging decided to live her dream: open her own breast imaging center that offers an elite patient experience.  She made a sizable investment, and needed to build patient volumes quickly.

We examined referral patterns and discovered that many women schedule their mammograms when a friend or relative or celebrity is diagnosed with breast cancer.

We launched a marketing campaign “Friends don’t let friends skip mammograms.”  This was inspired by the successful campaign “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Patients were encouraged to bring a friend to the screening mammograms when they scheduled their own.

Further, if appropriate, the radiologist would say to the woman diagnosed with breast cancer, “You are not alone.  You have an entire medical team who will work diligently.  Your friends and neighbors will want to help.  Let them!  When they ask, ‘What can I do?’  You can always say, ‘Take care of yourself.  Get your mammogram.’”

Generate More Revenue

A hyperbaric and wound care center wanted to become more profitable.

We looked for possible value-added services.  Many of their patients were diabetics, and their podiatrists offered nail clipping.  We design a spa-like pedicure experience complete with massage chairs and called it a “Medi-cure.”

Collaborate with Power Partners

An orthodontist wanted to grow his practice.  He enjoyed working with adults.

We identified “power partners” who could potentially be the source of referrals: wedding planners (every bride wants a beautiful smile), executive coaches (straight teeth correlate with business success) and executive recruiters.

He then let the wedding planners and wedding dress stores about a promotional “bridal rate.”

He educated executive coaches and recruiter about the power of a great smile and educated them about wireless braces.

Circumvent a Non-Compete Clause

A physician who joined a group uncovered partners’ ethical breeches.  He wanted to leave the practice.  However, the non-compete agreement in his employment contract restricted his new office location.

He opened an office in the “safe zone.”   In addition, he offered a virtual second opinion service.

Create Awareness about Medical Innovation

An orthopedic surgeon invested a year in Europe gaining mastery with a surgical procedure that treats a syndrome that is not yet recognized in the US.

How would he raise awareness of both the syndrome and the effective treatment?  We mapped out an educational campaign that includes creating short how-to videos with answers to patients' frequently -asked questions, delivering talks to pediatricians and family doctors and reaching out to athletic coaches.

Carve Out a Cash-Only Revenue Stream

A pediatrician with ADHD is working with us to open a cash-only consulting/coaching/medication management service for kids with ADHD and their families.

We have helped other physicians integrate cosmetic services and product sales into their existing practices.

Launch Entrepreneurial Efforts

A therapist developed a proven therapeutic intervention for treating PTSD.  She currently conducts worships internationally.

Other entrepreneurial physicians include a pulmonologist who developed a smoking cessation system, a gynecologist who helps woman with non-pharmacologic management of menopause and a pediatrician who promotes a healthy eating program for kids.

Generate Revenue Through Non-Clinical Activities

Dr. Vicki Rackner shares the skills and tools that helped her generate revenue through these activities:

  • Expert in medical litigation 
  • Health and wellness expert for a chain of family-owned drug stores 
  • Contributing expert for a J&J health initiative 
  • Spokesperson for a national assisted living organization 
  • Medical Editor for a publication with a monthly distribution of 3 million 
  • Author,  journalists' resource and guest on over 100 radio shows, including NPR 
  • Keynote speaker at local, regional and national meetings 
  • Founder of a non-profit
  • Consultant helping organizations build business relationships with doctors

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